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Why Luxe Link?

- The First and original fordable handbag hanger in the world

-  Conveniently hangs on your bag.

-  Protects your bag from germs (off the dirty ground).

-  Super small size and so sturdy.

-  Comes in a variety of colors and designs.

-  Real Handmade Swarovski Crystal

-  Clips to the handbag.

-  Luxurious soft pouch and packaged in a stylish gift box.

-  Holds weight up to 5 lbs.

-  Works on most standard tables less than 2-inches thick.

-  No need to hang from a chair back where it might fall.

-  No need to rest uncomfortably on your lap or behind your back.

-  Best quality with patent pending (made in USA)

-  Never damages any of your handbag straps.

-  Great investment for your designer handbags (very wise investment).

-  Perfect gift for every girl (girlfriend, mother or sister).

-  Environmental friendly as made only with recycled zinc alloy.

-  Celebrity fans include: Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, Lindsay Lohan, Salma

   Hayek, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Tori Spelling, etc.



Perfect Solution

Most places leave women with no option other than to place their precious Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Chanel or Burberry handbags on the floor, eeww! Luxe Link hangers are the perfect solution and you spent hard earned money on your handbag, and paying less money to protect it is a pretty reasonable investment. The trend is just coming up and every woman has to have Luxe Link. Don't be surprised if all your friends want one too, it's the best handbag hook in the market! Everywhere you go, everyone asks you where you got it!

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