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The Must-Have You Don't Have!

Handbag Hangers are not a new invention, in fact, a gorgeous antique spotted at a restaurant was our inspiration to find the best one (Luxe Link Foldable Handbag Hanger) to share with you.


But entrepreneur Kalika Yap, the woman behind this elegant and modern take, is betting most women don’t have one. (And she’s right. None of us did, until now.)




                 Angelina                                                   Skull



                Mondrian                                            Pink Plumeria



                Love (Red)                                            Love (Pink)



                   Mom                                                       Kitty



                Black Tie                                                 Wisteria




               Ocean Star                                               Daphne




                 Michelle                                                  Fiona



                  Melonie                                                    Xena



                   Smile                                                    Juliet



                  Diva                                                      Zebra