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Hi Ladies .... Want to Buy Luxe Link?

-   Simply go to our Luxe Link Handbag Hanger collection

-   We have more than 80 design handbag hanger you can choose, consists

    of: Luxe Link Regular; Plain Swarovski; and Motif Swarovski

    (All handbag hangers with swarovski are real handmade swarovski crystal)

-   If you already know the design of Luxe Link you want

-   Contact us immediately to check the availability of stocks (SMS is fine)

-   We'll give you the best price 

-   We'll give you information of our Bank Account Number (BCA or Mandiri)

-   You need to confirm us your payment via SMS or Fax or you may Call us 

-   We'll send your order right away via TIKI after we received your payment

-   We'll send you TIKI Consignment No., so you can also check your order

-   That's all Ladies .... for further information, please kindly contact us

-   Thank you very much for your kind attention to our products