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Playing with sand and water is not only something that kids love to do, but also something that can help their development. We really love playing sand and water activities, unfortunately, not many great and fun types of equipment available here in Indonesia to support what we love to play. Anyway, who doesn’t love to play sand and water? That is why we started our business, I Love Sand Castle, in the area of sand and water play with a mission to make every house in our city, has its own sand and water play area.

Sand and water play is not just for the beach. Take the opportunities to help your kids play and learn with sand water at home in the bath, the kitchen sink, or in nice weather, in a paddling pool. While sand play at home requires good weather and a backyard.

From simple and enjoyable play sand and water activities are helping kids improve their vocabulary, motor skills, communication skills, social skills, hand-eye coordination, cooperation, sharing, stimulate imagination, creativity and not to forget curiosity.

“I Love Sand Castle” are here to provide all the equipments to support the sand and water play. We are focusing on the products of sand and water activities. From scoop, shovel, pail, sand molding set to bagged beach white sands. Therefore, you and your kids don’t even have to go to the beach, just play at your backyard. In the future, we are going to add more various equipments of sand and water play constantly.

I hope you all enjoy shopping in our sites, and playing sand and water activities more often as we do.


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