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IBU's E-Book of Best Potential Unique Business Ideas

The Ultimate Guide to Unique Business Ideas 2008-2009 (the Brainstorm Bible) 
+ Bonus "999 Business Ideas" from Seth Godin's Alternative MBA Program
(the best ideas from Seth's students) 
 + Bonus "How I Create Traffic and Revenue from Twitter" from Dane Carlson
(author of the best business blog)  
Do You Know?
It only takes ONE creative idea to take someone from the outhouse to the penthouse – Unknown
Why You All Need Unique Business Ideas
You should be - because they're the ideas that have a better chance of success, more publicity and more customer interest! Surveys show that the Number 1 dilemma for people who want to be in business is “lack of ideas” closely followed by “where should I start once I've got an idea?” We've gone to the trouble of gathering all these different business ideas together to E-Book of Ultimate Guide to Unique Business Ideas 2008-2009 (Brainstorm Bible).
Well quite honestly, these true, weird, unique and real-life success stories from people who have taken a chance on success and established their very own businesses... grabbed our attention because we're just like you. We can be like them! Brainstorm Bible is aim to help other people have unique business ideas of their own that they can turn into successful and wildly profitable business ventures. Brainstorm Bible is a phenomenally inspiring collection of unique, weird and just plain crazy business ideas.

What You will Get in This E-Book
Representing many industries, Brainstorm Bible briefly lists its Best Unique Business Ideas Report (with links and pictures) many brand new promising business ideas, opportunities, innovations, concepts and systems from around the world and informing you of emerging trends in the business world so that you can gain an edge over the relentless competition. This E-Book (with 346 pages) covers a wide range of more than 300 Best Unique Business Ideas, including:
Advertising - Agricultural & Environmental - Arts - Automobiles - Consumer Goods - Culture & Music - Design - E-commerce - Entertainment – Fashion - Food & Beverage - Gadgets - Health & Beauty - Homes & Living - Lifestyle & Luxury – Marketing - Media & Publishing - Mobile - Pets – Retail - Services - Tourism.
You do wanted to be the CEO of your very own company or even got a job promotion, right? As we believed you will enjoy reading these examples of entrepreneurship with a twist, and we hope that they inspire you in your own business endeavors. We believe ideas inspire more ideasso with Brainstorm Bible, you will learn how to Brainstorm, create, modified better or even copy these amazing, wild, crazy, exciting and unique business ideas and then build competitive advantages. You could take advantage of the many promising business ideas worldwide and apply it to your own business.
All you have to do is buy “Brainstorm Bible” for only US$ 10 (for international via Pay Pal) or Rp. 100.000,- (for Indonesia via BCA). It’s very…very cheap compare to what’s on the book, “Brainstorm Bible – Potential Unique Business Ideas.”
Bonus "999 Business Ideas" and "How I create Traffic and Revenue from Twitter"
The price of this E-Book include with the bonus of “999 Business Ideas” from Seth Godin’s Alternative MBA Program (the best business ideas from Seth's students) and also "How I create Traffic and Revenue from Twitter" by Dan Carlson (the author of the best business blog). 
Ideas are a dime a dozen. The money is in the execution.
Need proof? 999 business ideas came up from 9 people with 111 business ideas each at Seth Godin's Alternative MBA program. But ideas are only valuable when someone (like you) makes something happen. What follows are their 999 business ideas, free for the taking.
This is AWESOME and showing that there's no shortage of ideas, only commitment to turn it into reality (yes, money and time, of course. but commitment comes first). You will love reading through stuff like this and you do get to thinking outside the box and possibly come up with your own next million dollar idea. You’ll so glad this list was shared. 
We are sure 999 Business Ideas E-Book will motivates you to start a potential list of those business ideas and if you think a lot of those ideas have already been done, that is not the point. The point is how to try and do those items better, faster, cheaper, etc... You won’t regret those great lists of business ideas.
Best Business Ideas
Use these resources and articles to create successful breakthroughs in your business or to start a new business. The Best Business Ideas come from brainstorming across a broad range of businesses and creating something unique. Once you have read and used the articles and resources in Brainstorm Bible + Bonuses, your business idea thinking will never be the same... 
Great Success to All of You,
Ide Bisnis Unik Team
This Happens to me: I have this great idea and then I make the mistake of telling someone else
- Scott Adams -
Most helpful customer reviews
Many people already found the advantages of "The Ultimate Guide to Unique Business Ideas 2008-2009," that we called it the "Brainstorm Bible of POTENTIAL BUSINESS."
If you are looking for ideas of potential businesses you could start, this is a good E-Book to kick-start your thinking. There are indeed a lot of great business ideas in this E-Book.
Yudhi, IT Consultant - Singapore
"When I first heard about some of the businesses in your Brainstorm Bible, I simply didn't believe they could be true -- but you've got more than 300 wild and crazy ideas to prove me wrong!” Not mention the bonus of “999 Business Ideas” E-Book. Thanks a lot guys!
David, Store Owner - USA
Surely, not all of the ideas are applicable for me but most are way unique and better than a lot of business ideas I’ve heard from common people who think they are so brilliant for executing up with a better idea.
Steve, Entrepreneur - Australia
Love those ideas. With so many people losing their jobs, perhaps those unique business ideas will come to fruition sooner now than they would have a couple of years ago. Desperation and limitation breeds innovation.
Evelyn, Mompreneur - New Zealand
I will definitely look forward to implement at least one of them and who knows? It might be the future of my business success!
Hangky, College Student - Indonesia
Enjoy Your Reading...!!
Ide Bisnis Unik Team
Inside E-Book
Garbage Art
Everyone’s trash is one man’s treasure. Those words are match to what happened with Justin Gignac. He is a genius. Yesterday, you may have thrown out a cup, several tissues and possibly a movie stub. Once they are soiled or used, they are worthless, right? So you would think. Here’s a guy who picks up trash (the city should thank him), boxes it up, and sells it as art. That’s right – genuine Garbage of New York City can be yours for a mere $10 (plus $4 shipping). Why does it look so much better in the box than on the street? Justin sells Garbage. He even mentioned of, “Just get one now before they clean up the city.” He successfully played the idea that you are actually getting a piece of New York.
ATM at Wedding Reception
What would you think if you walked into a wedding reception and saw an ATM at the front door? Get used to the idea, because this type of kiosk - designed for those who want to give money to the bride and groom - may be coming soon to a wedding hall near you. Just a general question, do you think it’s appropriate to have an ATM at a wedding reception. This one couple rented an ATM Machine for their guest just in case they didn't come with enough money. Guests at an Israeli wedding hall can now insert a card into a machine at its entrance, tap in a sum and leave a gift for the bride and groom. This could be a call for wedding organizers, ATM companies or you maybe.
Rice Bag Babies
Taking personalization in a new direction, Japanese Yosimiya is selling bags of rice printed with a newborn's photo, name and date of birth. The bags are shaped to resemble a swaddled baby. But the key feature is that the bags contain the baby's exact weight in rice. Holding the bag will therefore feel like holding the baby. Bags of rice with baby's photos printed on them aren't new in Japan, by Yosimiya is the first to make them to order, creating bags that match the baby's size and weight. The personalized, made-to-order 'dakigokochi' are selling like hotcakes and mainly given to friends and family by the baby's parents.
Million Dollar Homepage
Alex Tew came up with the idea “Million Dollar Homepage”, a website that sold advertising space on the internet. The idea is simple: to try and make $1m (US) by selling 1,000,000 pixels for $1 each. He launched the Million Dollar Homepage in August 2005 and four months later he was earning £4,000 pounds a day, every day for four months, which is pretty bizarre. He realized he needed an idea that would make money quickly while brainstorming ideas on how to make money to pay for his university degree since he was afraid and concerned about getting into debt.
Divorce Cakes
There’s so much time, energy, emphasis and cash spent on picking out the perfect wedding cake for your special day! But what if things don’t turn out the way you planned and a divorce is inevitable? Here are some tasty ideas to help you celebrate your new life alone in style! Divorce parties, like weddings, aren't complete without a cake. As divorce parties become more popular, cakes are becoming more elaborate. Texas baker Suzanne Maxwell built her “Lovin’ Oven Bakery” on wedding cakes, but in the past few years she’s been delving into divorce cakes.
Fitness Card Deck
FitDeck, Inc. is a company committed to providing simple, convenient, and fun fitness products, advice, and exercise tips that will enhance your life. Founded in 2003 by fitness entrepreneur and inventor Phil Black, FitDeck aims to become a regular fitness program that you can incorporate easily into your busy life. FitDeck is a unique deck of playing cards containing illustrations and instructions describing 50 different upper, middle, lower, and full body exercises. Each card allows you to choose from among three fitness levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Do you think you can sell FitDeck to many fitness center in your country? We bet you you can!
Video Services for Real Estate Business
In real estate, the best way to sell a home is by presenting it in the best possible light. So why not make it through video? Video can offer one of the best views of a home that someone might be interested in purchasing before physically driving there. Make your property stand out in the crowded market with a Video Tour by Video Sales Agent. Video Tours are very different from the standard virtual tour. Video Tours are a dynamic approach to presenting a home from the buyer’s perspective with the use of full motion video. Can you see the niche market here?
Bike Linghtings
Ride a bike at night, why not? Thanks to MonkeyLectric founded by Dan Goldwater, creating a new class of bike lighting featuring cutting edge digital art and style - without sacrificing practicality. The Monkey Light has received tremendous praise for its outstanding brightness, durability and fun. They also hope their products will inspire more people to ride bikes! Its unique design is perfect for daily commuters, urban cyclists, casual evening riders, BMX, festivals - anyone that wants to be visible after dark. You all need to see their products and maybe you are interested to sell them.
Blank Book
Have you ever heard of 20 anniversary edition of the world's most famous blank book? A profound message in its simplest form. Buy it as a motivator to inspire yourself and/or a friend. Imagine the type of creativity it takes to sell over a million copies of a blank book. That creativity is embodied by Cindy Cashman: “Everything Men Know About Women”. The book tells you that men actually know nothing about women. Do you know how many pages does it take to make her book? Her book was 200 pages long, it was 200 empty pages. Isn’t that the most crazy, amazing and ridiculous idea you have ever heard? What we can learn from this book is the fact that Cindy has recognized this opportunity and capitalized on it.
Black Socks
Forget all that business about Twitter, BlackBerry apps, and the Palm Pre: the real news is that Black Socks which has sold over a million socks through the mail in Europe, has come to the U.S. For the not-too-bad price annually, you can get three pairs of men's calf-length socks mailed to you every four months. That's not all the company sells. You can get a subscription for knee-length socks, cashmere calf-length socks, and ankle socks. The company is locked into only selling black socks by a URL that probably seems a little limiting to them now. However, the site also sells Euro-style underwear by subscription, as well. You can order a "trial pack" of any items from the site, if you're not ready for the commitment of a year's subscription.
Bottle Glass Recycle
If you love drink soft drink, beer, champagne or anything from bottle glass, then check out the Bottle Clock that was made from a real bottle glass. They are a great example of how recycled waste products can be brought back to life as something bright, bold, and inspirational. The bottle has been heated to melting point and flattened to create a flat bottle shape. The labels have been re-applied to make it appear as if the bottle has been squashed flat. You can make it with other bottle glass such as other liquor, tomato sauce, syrup and ketchup sauce, etc. You don’t have to make it a clock. Figure it out of something and just create your own imagination. They are all real recycled bottles turned into clocks.
365 Days of Sponsored Shirts
Jason Sadler has been selling the upper part of his wardrobe ever day of 2009 to companies that want him to wear a t-shirt with the logo on it. Through his website, his pricing structure is very interesting though. He’s sold January 1st for $1 and is selling December 31st for $365. Every day in between goes for the price of it’s day of the year. Do you know how much money he’d be earning for the year: $66,795! Amazing, huh!
Anti Energy Drink
Energy drinks might be all the rage, but not everyone wants an instant pick me up; or rather, there are just some people that shouldn't have one. With this in mind, a new company has created the anti-energy drink to help tone down the hyperactive. Red Bull surely has competition from anti-energy drink company, Slow Cow, which is the exact opposite of the energy drinks that cause hyperactivity, anxiety and the jitters. It promises to help people destress and relax, while increasing mental awareness at the same time.  And yes it's true; the Canadian company is taking a dig at their top energy drink competitor with their creative name!
… and other stories more than 300 Best and Potential Unique Business Ideas !!!
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