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I so need one of these. I have a lot of handbags but the one I use the most is a shopper tote from louis vuitton because it holds all my stuff and more. I hate having to put my bag on the floor or on the table cuz it takes up so much space..hence why I would looove to have a Luxe Link!


OMG this is a totally cool accessory! It's cute, trendy & compact. It's going to be a must-have for the season.


What a cute idea! I recently bought a "bag hook" but it doesn't seem to hang properly on the table, nor does it have these cute designs on it. These Luxe Links look like they can support a lot more weight, have a bigger hook to hold the bag and are more compact.


What a great idea! This is something so simple, yet so useful, and it’s one of those “how did we ever get by without one” types of things. I’d definitely get them for my wife and mom, for starters. Very good idea!


This is definitely one of those “why didn’t I think of that” items! I’ve tried many versions of the purse hanger before, include ones made from long, bent wires that took up too much room in my bag, or were too weak to carry more than a demi bag.


Great and about time! I have a goofy one that I have carried around for years…I have been teased about it so much. And that is better than leaving my purse on the dirty floor or any of the other options. Luxe Link will be such an upgrade for me! And the best part…IT CLIPS TO THE PURSE!!! Way to go, girlfriend!


I love it! I always have this problem - I never want to put my bag on the floor and always end up keeping it on my lap or putting it behind me on my seat, means I can never lean back. It’s really uncomfortable and annoying. Also my bag usually occupies its own chair wherever I go. What a great idea! And it looks great as a purse accessory too.


I CANNOT live without my Luxe Link. Works in theater, symphony, (almost) any restaurant. Everywhere I go everyone asks me where I got it! A VERY wise investment for a $2000 bag (even those cheaper bags).