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Posted on June 20, 2012 at 8:50 AM

Have you ever tried to walk on the ocean floor? Seawalker Bali is the only one in Indonesia that was established in January 2001, the sister company of Bali International Rafting Adventure, offers unique activities, walking on the ocean floor located in the Sanur beach. Live the adventure and unforgettable walk to the sea and enjoy the beautiful underwater environment with a special helmet that allows you to breathe under water as usual. This headset is specially designed special safety clothing and very comfortable, and children over 9 years with a minimum height of 130 cm is possible to wear a helmet. A safe and exciting underwater Walker Sea Adventure is a unique diving, offering the opportunity to observe the underwater world at a depth of 15 feet without certification and without wet hair. Participants marched on the bottom rather than swim while numerous exotic fish and marine life around them. Participants will have 30 minutesof real time underwater to a depth of 15 feet.


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