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About Ide Bisnis Unik (IBU) (IBU) was founded by Metta Yulianto in the beginning of the year 2008 as the first Indonesia online source for unique business ideas, new trends and innovation, and new business ideas from around the world. really is jam-packed with unique business ideas that have turned into success stories for the business people who have had the courage to put their ideas into action.

We believed you'll enjoy reading these examples of entrepreneurship with a twist, and we hope that they inspire you in your own business endeavors. We believe ideas inspire more ideas … Create, modified better or even copy these amazing, wild, crazy, exciting and unique business ideas at Finally, check out our Idea Tips, Idea Guide, Idea Quote ... and IBU's products and services:

  • Luxe Link - Premium Foldable Handbag Hanger (Official Distributor for Luxe Link USA)
  • Magneto - Magnetic Car Sign (For Unique Business Promotion)
  • Bagged White Sand - Real Beach White Sand
  • Step2Jakarta - The World You Feel Closer to Kids (Official Distributor for Step2 Indonesia)
  • Rahasia Rumah Gratis - E Book Reseller
  • Metta Sumber Abadi - General Contractor and Trade (Bank Contractor Specialist, but we do non Bank projects too)

Our websites, hopefully with help from all of you will improving continuously. Please kindly tell anyone who might be interested with Thank you for your attention. Enjoy our sites and keep thinking out of the box, okay!

Best Wishes, 

Ide Bisnis Unik Team

PS: If you have any suggestions or comments or you might have this kind of story, or you know someone that you think should be published in our websites, please kindly tell us or share your unique business ideas to ( By the way, if you need to advertise your products or services at, well we can talk about it, so please kindly contact us directly via email).


Metta Yulianto is also the book author of “123 Unique Business Ideas (Ide Bisnis Unik)." Currently, Metta is running his own company in the field of civil construction, interior, furniture and mechanical electrical (specialize in Bank). He has always been fascinated with amazing, wild, crazy, exciting and unique business ideas. He really loves niches Business.


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